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About Us

Introducing RedPixie

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Our Mission

Our mission is to go beyond technology, building and managing Azure hybrid solutions to create new capabilities and better business outcomes for clients in financial services.

Founded in 2010, RedPixie is one of Europe’s largest cloud specialists.

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What We Do

Typical projects help clients migrate legacy systems to the cloud, speed up big data workloads, deliver services and more.

Our team of cloud architects and data scientists works with leading enterprises including KPMG, HSBC, Aspen, Hiscox, Care UK and EDF.

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Industry Aligned

We have a strong relationship with the financial services sector, developed through the experience and expertise of our teams. The capabilities they've created focus on:

  • Banking [Investment] and Capital Markets
  • Asset Management
  • Insurance

On the day we switched the systems over, it was business as usual with no interruption. It was the best migration I have ever been involved with.
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Dirk Anderson

Dirk has managed and developed some of the most talented IT engineering and delivery teams across various industries and takes pride in those teams building high quality solution outcomes. He enjoys team sports & long hikes in the Scottish highlands.

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Mitchell Feldman

Mitchell has over 20 years of experience running some of the most disruptive IT service providers in the UK. He has a passion for digital marketing and gadgets. He is also a frustrated Arsenal fan.

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Rob Neal

Rob has been responsible for shaping and managing IT consultancy teams and businesses for over 15 years. He has been with RedPixie for 3 years and is accountable for ensuring that all aspects of commercial and operational process keep pace with the rapidly growing business.

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Perry Dowell

Perry is an experienced CFO with a proven track record in both the public and private sectors, working with businesses such as Ford Retail, McKinsey & Co and the NHS, to create shareholder value. He is an experienced mountaineer and enjoys taking on some of the most challenging peaks on the planet.

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