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Our Approach

A fresh approach
for Microsoft Azure

RedPixie is a leading provider of managed Microsoft Azure solutions

RedPixie Approach introduction


We design, build, and operate secure hybrid cloud platforms for enterprises, specialising in solutions for the financial services and insurance sectors. We migrate workloads, applications and services, with a primary focus on:

  • Secure cloud architectures
  • Data science workloads
  • Cloud data platforms
  • Cloud workspace
  • Cloud native application stacks

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Solution Framework

We deliver the cloud solution framework your business needs:

  • Discover your IT landscape and business needs
  • Design secure hybrid cloud platforms
  • Build and integrate data centre and cloud systems
  • Transition business services to the cloud (IaaS and PaaS)
  • Manage and support your cloud platforms, workloads and services 24x7

The RedPixie team showed a deep knowledge of both cloud providers technologies.
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Solution Framework


We work closely with you during the early stages of your project to understand the business outcomes you want to achieve. We look at technology systems, processes, and policies to provide a high-level design that maps directly to your stated goals and ambitions. 

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Solution framework


Our team produce a low-level design that details all key aspects of the target system and secures formal design sign-off from your stakeholders.

Throughout the design process, we work in lab environments to build, test and adjust the final design.

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Solution framework


When you approve the design, we start the final build process, incorporating modifications to the design if business needs change. We pride ourselves on implementing secure, stable, highly-available, and resilient hybrid cloud environments.

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Solution framework


We assess workloads and services to deliver the right mix of private and public cloud solutions and where appropriate look to mature the service proposition by making use of PaaS services.

If we need to re-engineer an application, replace it with native cloud services, or introduce third-party SaaS components, we make clear recommendations to quantify and justify the direction.

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Solution framework


We write system run books as part of implementation. System run books are important to our managed service team during the transition from professional services project to managed service on-boarding. Where customers decide to manage their own environment we walk through the run books and ensure your staff are ready to operate the new platform.

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Managed Solutions

Focus on your core business while our Managed Solutions team provide 24x7x365 support.

We’ll manage and service any solution built and deployed by the RedPixie cloud Transformation, Data Science and Data Platform teams. Alternatively, we can assess your existing Azure cloud data systems and provide a managed service once we understand your landscape and business needs.

Our managed solutions include:

  • Enterprise grade IT systems management process
  • Service automation
  • A 24/7 service team to monitor, support and manage resources deployed on Azure.


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Managed solutions

Cloud System Monitoring

Our cloud monitoring service helps you prevent unscheduled downtime through an automated assessment of Azure based infrastructure.

The RedPixie solution provides end-to-end coverage:

  • Cloud consumption and usage dashboards
  • Cloud system general health and availability monitoring
  • Performance threshold monitoring
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Detailed service health reporting and root cause analysis reporting
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Managed solutions

Service Transition

We use a tried and trusted ‘service transition’ methodology for all new clients. Onboarding takes around four weeks (though we are flexible with this arrangement). Activities include:

  • Contract award and sign off
  • Project initiation document (creation and sign off) engagement with stakeholders and third parties
  • Client business workshops & documentation review
  • Creation of technical standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Client training workshops
  • Run Book production
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We operate governance models in accordance with industry best practices and standards. Working in an agile fashion, we set out activities in two-week sprints with daily stand-ups.

For us, good governance is about strong management, appropriate processes, and insightful information.

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Recent work

Project WellWatch

Our Data science, HPC & IoT teams are working with a leading UK private health care provider to build and manage a cloud monitoring system. Smartwatches track customers’ health and stream data through Azure Cortana Intelligence, using machine learning & streaming analytics services to alert customers.

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Recent work

Modern workplace

Our cloud workspace team are working with a leading investment manager to build a fully automated and scalable Azure VDI desktop service. We’ll deliver production desktop services in private and public cloud platforms, servicing business continuity desktop, seasonal capacity, and working at home initiatives.

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Recent work

Hybrid Cloud

Our cloud & data centre team delivers secure, resilient architecture to businesses across the financial services and insurance sectors to “stretch” customers’ data centres into the Azure Cloud. 

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