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Azure Calculation Engine

HPC in the cloud for Excel spreadsheets

Accelerate your Excel spreadsheets and make decisions faster

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An Introduction to Azure Calcuation Engine

Excel is an awesome product but has become a victim of its own success. Many large businesses have pushed Excel to its limits and are using it to run critical “line of business” processes.

Excel is a client application, designed to run on desktop operating systems rather than servers. This means that many enterprises are running critical business processes in the wrong environments. Server based environments and applications are secured, controlled and monitored in a different way to client-based systems.

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Azure Calculation Framework

RedPixie has built a unique solution framework (see how we built it) that allows Excel applications to run in the Microsoft Azure Cloud as a server-based process. This allows you to leverage all the great features of Cloud Computing such as elastic and scalable compute, whilst removing the risk of running key business processes on client-based technologies.

It is the ultimate big data analytics tool.

ACE can also be used to migrate other on-premise solutions that use statistical engines like Matlab and R into the Azure Cloud.

We ensure your private and public cloud services function as one seamless network.
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Running critical line of business applications on Excel?

Is your data in Azure?

If not we can set up your Azure environment with you, ready to transition this and other business processes.


We do a deep dive discovery of the Excel processes that you feel are the right candidates. At the end of the discovery we will tell you exactly what we need to do to on-board you.


We create the Azure environment needed and then transition your Excel processes.

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Some frequently asked questions

Q: I have an existing compute grid for running Excel today (e.g. SharePoint Excel Services). Will ACE be able to match its performance?

A: Yes, as well as being far cheaper and easier to manage, the ability to take advantage of elastic scaling in Azure means that we can expect a huge performance gain. Our latest deployment for a customer saw an 88% reduction in execution time of a key business process.

Q: Will the engine execute my VBA code?

A: No, the calculation engine cannot execute VBA code inside of a workbook. It is typically a simple task to move this VBA code out of the workbook and into C# or Visual Basic however, our team will be happy to help.

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Some frequently asked questions

Q: Does the system require additional Microsoft Excel licences?

A: No, Excel workbooks are calculated using a server based calculation engine meaning we can horizontally scale the engine to run on 000’s of machines at no additional licence cost.

Q: Can I still use the workbooks used by the system as normal?

A: Yes, the Excel workbooks input and output by the system can be used in Excel as usual.

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Discover the Excel Calculator

With ACE you can do so much more that you couldn’t achieve with Excel. Download our free information pack and discover how ACE can help you work faster and better.

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