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Building outcome-driven IoT networks in Microsoft Azure

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Why Adopt the Internet of Things?

At RedPixie, we believe every company can harness the power of IoT, Big Data and machine learning to strengthen their business position.

More than 90 percent of organisations utilising cloud with their IoT networks have seen measurable success. As the technology becomes more sophisticated, cloud services are enabling companies to take advantage of edge analytics, explore new channels of revenue, and uncover unique, data-driven insights from huge streams of raw data.


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Secure and Flexible Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure’s elastic cloud infrastructure drives hyper-scale IoT projects and provides on-demand resources for both data storage and analytics.

The Azure IoT suite delivers built-in security and flexibility across on-premises and cloud data centres, making it easier to manage and configure your entire network. We use infrastructure-as-code for greater agility, stability and improved business continuity.


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More than 90 percent of organisations running IoT networks have seen measurable success

Uncover Unique Customer Value

We help organisations tailor their customer experience through the use of intelligent IoT architecture.

Understanding the business value of unstructured data is the key to providing better products and services. Combining IoT telemetry and Azure services can help your business become more personalised, relevant and contextual

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Gain Insight and Accelerate Success

We use capabilities such as Azure Cognitive Services, Cortana Intelligence Suite and Azure Machine Learning Services to extract greater insights from IoT data.

These services support hundreds of millions of devices, allowing real-time data collection, ingestion and analysis and helping you make faster, more accurate business decisions


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Our Approach

IoT Solutions that Exceed Expectation

A quarter of IoT projects fail in the POC stage. To ensure you don’t falter at the start line, we build and manage your IoT solutions with better business outcomes in mind. All our IoT and data science services offer:

  • Robust proof of value
  • Managed integration and cloud migration
  • A well-articulated MVP
  • 24x7x365 support both during and after production


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Benchmark your IoT readiness

Getting ready to launch your first IoT project? Or looking to build a bigger and bolder solution? 

Benchmark your IoT readiness and discover how you compare to other organisations.

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Providing Life-Saving Insights as a Service

We built an end-to-end wearables solution for a leading UK health care provider, enabling them to proactively monitor and manage the health of their patients. We had to address four main challenges:

  • Low latency sensor collection
  • Seamless disconnection recovery
  • Offline accessibility

After achieving success in these areas, we’re now developing a “population scale” Azure cloud solution.


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Make Sure your Next IoT Project's a Sucess

Discover how to design and implement an IoT project that delivers tangible business results.

In our guide, you'll learn:

  • How to build an IoT project for better buiness outcomes
  • How to identify potential roadblocks and bottlenecks
  • How to optimise your architecture and monitor performance


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Discover More

Here are some helpful articles that can answer your questions on IoT performance:


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25% of IoTOnly a quarter of IoT projects make it past the proof of concept  stage. Change that →
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