Data is the new bacon - The power of Data Science

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Author: Jake, Marketing  
Last updated: August 3, 2017

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft recently said “Data is the real currency of your company”.

That’s why data is the ‘new bacon’.

No longer can businesses survive on CRMs and smart workflows, they need analytical data and they need lots of it!

Simon Bullers, President of RedPixie comments -

“We are now experiencing digital warfare and data is naturally the weapon of choice. Our clients want deeper and faster insights in to their data and they want to spot trends, opportunities and threats to outsmart their competition.”

]The junction we’ve recently come to whereby the wealth of data that has been collected and processed, can now be utilised in a far greater way. This has led to a large increase in different data science solutions.

This isn’t limited to a specific industry, and covers a breadth of practical uses, for example, read about how we are decoding brain signals utilising machine learning.

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Our focus on education

At RedPixie we feel we have a duty to educate our clients as to how they can win this new era of commerce. This has led us to launch a series of events called ‘The Art of Data Science’.

These sessions enable us to spend time with our audience and explain what a data journey looks like and what value it can bring to their business.

We walk them through real life user cases and demonstrate how our clients have re-imagined how they use their data to improve their businesses.

Want to see if or yourself? Here’s the event highlights video.

How data science is shifting business focus

This breakfast briefing in our Shoreditch HQ started with the thoughts from Simon on ‘information-reimagined’, with an insight into what Data Science really means – his description is as follows…

“It is like describing an amazing sunset when you know no words are going to do it justice”.

Putting it into practical terms, Simon gives the current circumstance of the Jet 787-8, which currently utilises Microsoft Azure for all the data collected during a flight.

This combined with organisations’ that are taking data from infrastructure like runways, means that not only can Airlines have a greater knowledge into exact level of fuels needed. But they can equally commoditise the data, and create new revenue models for organisations.

These incredible developments where then spoken about in context of a larger scheme of Data Science from Microsoft’s perspective.

How Microsoft see’s the market

Jonathan Ball, a Data Platform Solution Architect at Microsoft then moved on to Microsoft’s view on the world of Big Data & Analytics.

Jonathan noted the great importance on using technology to solve business issues, and creating commercial opportunities – rather than simply implementing ‘new features’ and spreading the capabilities of the IT departments too thin

This covered a large range of subjects from Advanced Analytics Stack, SQL, Hybrid Cloud, Power BI, Cortana Intelligence and more.

How Data Science impacts organisations

Last speaking was Stuart and Dirk Anderson, who spoke about Data Science & High Performance Compute Solutions.

They started by demonstrating data related trends such as ‘PaaSify’ components and the moving away from the limited capacity of on-premises that they had seen from the industry and RedPixie’s clients.

They then delved into three different case studies we have recently worked on, these involved addressing questions such as:

“Our current provider has quoted a huge amount to replace the Algo grid platform.

Could we simply lift it into Azure?”

“On-premise SharePoint Excel Services farm has been a problem since day 1. Could we do something smarter with Cloud?”

The last subject they discussed was wearables – where they spoke of the new methods organisations are taking to collecting data, in view of improving current activities, and also creating commercial assets.

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What’s next for Data Science?

All in all, we showed how the future of how data and intelligence are not only important, but pivotal to how organisations can thrive.

After a fantastic event and many great discussions, we’ll be sure to have more events and conversations around Data Science.

Hopefully this will be of great value to you, and we can demonstrate the ‘art of data science’ to more businesses.

Let us know which view expressed on data science was the most interesting below. Should you wish to learn more, download this guide on choosing your IT Partner

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