How to guarantee a purposeful DevOps project

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Last updated: August 3, 2017

Where do you start a DevOps project?

Organisation is everything. The traditional Dev/Infra/Ops teams is not going to work if you want to make a success of DevOps.

It is far more about organisation and people than the tools used.

“High-performing organizations spend 22 percent less time on unplanned work and rework. They are able to spend 29 percent more time on new work, such as new features or code.” Source

There are several ways of approaching the organisational change and there is no one model that will fit all organisations or scenarios.

However, creating a common purpose that allows Development and Infrastructure to work together is a key objective in establishing a DevOps methodology.

Source: Microsoft Engineering

What resources are needed for a DevOps project?

DevOps can be started on a basic tool-set, Microsoft Azure coupled with Visual Studio Online provides all the basic building blocks that are required to start DevOps.

Following on – the Microsoft tool-set can be selectively swapped out to enhance or alter functionality.

A basic premise of the type of tools used in DevOps is that they are all loosely coupled and API Driven - which is the key to achieving automation.

How can I measure the benefits of a DevOps project?

The most basic measure is the Successful Releases per cycle count.

If the objective of DevOps is to make releasing to production easier and more reliable, then the frequency of releases increasing along with a reduction in issues with releases should be a clear indicator that DevOps is working.

“High-performing organisations decisively outperform their lower-performing peers. They deploy 200 times more frequently, with 2,555 times faster lead times, recover 24 times faster, and have three times lower change failure rates.” Source

In most organisations, if you can release new features quicker, while still providing a stable experience for your users - that has business value.

Equally, if there is more than one application, which probably has more than one environment, then the benefits start to expand.

Eventually DevOps will spread throughout your environment, and those benefits can be measured across multiple environments and applications, however it will take time.

Summary: get going with your DevOps project

The topic of DevOps and other relating technologies are sometimes talked about with such importance, but they fail to acknowledge the steps needed to achieve success.

Our belief is to:

  • Focus on organisation and people rather than a large set of DevOps tools
  • When you understand those, start to research into versatile tools like Microsoft Azure
  • Lastly, find and measure against important metrics, like the time needed to release new features

We hope that these steps are helpful to your DevOps project, and help you avoid being one of the 40% of software implementations across the industry that are reworked – source.

Let us know your thoughts on this topic below. Should you wish to learn more, download this guide on choosing your IT Partner

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