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The meeting room of the future: 5 wonderful technologies

Plan your office around the future of the workplace.
Author: Neil, Practice Lead  
   Last updated: August 7, 2017

Thanks to workspace transformation, meetings with robots, gesture-controlled technology and snack-delivering drones are on the horizon.

Here is some of the weirder, more wonderful tech from the meeting room of the future.

1. Collaborative Technology

‘57 percent of venue operators reported not offering collaborative tech – such as Microsoft’s Surface Hub’, reveals IACC research.

With its multi-touch technology, Microsoft Surface Hub unlocks the power of group synergy. Attendees can use the Surface Hub to share ideas via the digital canvas and take the work with them when they leave.


2. Experiential Environments

75 percent of meeting planners say their current role now involves more ‘experience creation’ than the previous two to five years.

Both venue operators and suppliers are transforming their experiential services. Creative, adaptable meeting rooms have become popular, along with themed food, outdoors spaces and team activities.

3. Flying Food and Beverage

31% of operators, venue designers and architects confirm an increase in the number of refreshment areas’, indicating a preference for continuous snack stations.

What’s the meeting room of the future’s answer? Snack-delivering drones.

JustEat is currently following in Google and Amazon’s footsteps with trials of delivery robots. Expect these ventures to increase as drone deliveries become the norm.

drones meeting room

4. Paperless Meetings

Left your notebook at home? No problem. Using the Microsoft Surface Pro or OneNote, attendees can now record paperless meeting notes.

Jot down ideas or write in longer form using either the keyboard, digital pen or dictation function. Frequent use improves character recognition, offering you personalised suggestions as you go.

5. Virtual Reality and Robots

Meetings are about to get weird as virtual reality enters the mix. AltspaceVR recently held a press conference to announce they had ‘cracked telepresence for the Samsung Gear VR mobile handset’.

A dozen journalists from across the globe attended the press conference via virtual reality technology. Each attendee was represented by a robot within a virtual environment.

If this is the future of video conferencing, let’s hope the next company meeting is held on a virtual beach somewhere.

VR meeting room

Future-Proof with Flexibility

With cloud-based technology, venues can offer more flexibility in their IT solutions, promoting creativity and productivity in the spaces and services they provide.

Well, that's our summary, make sure to let us know your favourite feature from the future of meeting rooms, below. Should you wish to learn more, download this guide on benchmarking your workspace  ⇓

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