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Embracing Inclusivity and Diversity: Microsoft’s TechHer

The role of women within technology.

Author: Dora Masullo  
Last updated: August 6, 2017

We are very proud that RedPixie were present at Microsoft’s recent TechHer event – what a truly exciting experience it was.

This gathering was a great opportunity to meet and talk with many women who spoke so passionately and enthusiastically about technology.

As Microsoft describe it:

A Microsoft Learning Event for Women

What is TechHer?

Beyond the title, TechHer was more than a learning event for women.

It was also an opportunity to join the conversation on how we can all collectively close the gender gap in the workplace.

When you consider that the UK percentage of women working in the tech industry is lower than 20%, you can understand why TechHer is determined to influence change and encourage more women to consider a career in technology.

This is a movement that I am proud to say is fully supported by RedPixie where the number of female workers is rapidly increasing.

Why Technology?

Technology is broad and covers many areas (education, medicine, entertainment and more).

A diverse industry needs a diverse workplace.

Whether it be a young woman choosing her first career path or a woman considering a career change from a different sector, women offer a diverse source of talent and bring a collaborative spirit to the room.

What we Discussed

The learning sessions were a chance to share information and unlock ideas.

In addition, for those of us in our group who are new to the industry, these sessions were a great source of knowledge and learning. For others, it proved motivational and opened up the possibility of diversifying their skills.

Some very enthusiastic networking followed each session, with the room buzzing
with excited chatter. What a fantastic and empowering environment to be part of.

Looking Forward

All organisations should embrace inclusivity and hire individuals not only on their talents but also their potential.

Whatever our position in an organisation, we can all influence change by encouraging, mentoring and guiding women to join an industry that is vibrant, relevant and central to everything that we do.

We really are living in exciting times.

Stay tuned for future events at TechHer.

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