How to tell when it’s time to move your app to the cloud

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Author: Mitchell Feldman, CDO  
Last updated: August 3, 2017

There’s a cloud in every business; or 1.5, to be exact. Cloud users are running applications in an average of 1.5 public clouds and it’s no surprise why. Companies who use the cloud to develop their apps spend 25 percent less on personnel, and 13 percent of them halve their IT expenditure.

So how do you tell when it’s time to take to the skies and move your app to the cloud?

1. You want more time for better development

Developing and deploying your app on-premise is already a time-consuming task for your developers. Moving development and deployment to the cloud makes testing, deployment and maintenance more efficient, freeing your developers to focus on features rather than infrastructure. Switch to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and you may not even need to do development at all.

2. You’re itching for flexibility

Depending on the cloud technology you choose you can get varying degrees of flexibility. Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offers the most as you’re given the basic infrastructure and a free playing field. The downside is that your developers have considerably more legwork.

If you go for Platform-as-a-Service or SaaS, you get more limited flexibility in terms of development, but as the application grows you can add storage and issue updates much faster and easier.

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3. You want to save money

The cloud is a cheaper home for your app than on-premise data centres, especially if you use IaaS or PaaS technology. You get all the expertise of your cloud provider and none of the maintenance and infrastructure costs.

And it’s a double whammy, because with the cloud you only pay for what you use. There’s no risk of losing capital in computing power you won’t need until you grow. Then, when you do grow, the cloud scales up with you.

Is it time?

If you think it’s time you moved your app to the cloud then your next step is to understand how you do it. For that, we’ve created a cloud migration checklist that covers what apps are suitable candidates, the challenges you might face and steps you need to take.

So, are you ready?

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