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Shut Down your Data Centre: 12 Reasons to Go All Cloud

Why business are going all-in on cloud computing

Author: Mitchell Feldman, CDO  
Last updated: January 16, 2018

Cloud technology has been big news for a while now, and most businesses see its importance. 90 percent of IT professionals recognise that adopting cloud technologies is important to their organisation’s long-term business success, according to Solarwinds’s IT Trends Report 2016.

At the same time, two-thirds of IT professionals maintain that it is unlikely that all of their organisations’ infrastructure will ever be migrated to the cloud.

There are businesses who are bucking the trend, choosing to go all in for the cloud.

There are many good reasons why they are choosing to do this now. Here are 12.

12 Reasons to Re-Consider your Data Centres

1. It’s Built from the Latest Technology

Instead of investing in hardware which will be defunct in three to five years’ time, subscribing to a cloud service ensures your business will always be running on the best technology available.

Service providers need to ensure their cloud performance is always strong in order to stay competitive, and that means their customers benefit too. But, more importantly, that rolling upgrade process is taken out of your hands. It’s simply not your problem anymore.

2. It Grows With You

By only paying for the amount of storage space you’re using, the cloud gives you the ability to manage your data costs on a pay-as-you-go, elastic basis. The pain of underprovisioning goes away as does the cost of overprovisioning.

3. It’s Change-Ready

The cloud’s potential for scalability allows businesses to flexibly adjust to their future developments as and when they need to. Some of the most promising future technologies such as big data are reliant on the scalability of the cloud. For businesses that plan to stay truly innovative as they grow, the cloud is the only option.

4. It Suits any Business Infrastructure

Depending on your business’s needs, there is a cloud strategy to match.

  • Businesses looking to fully embrace the benefits of scalability and cost efficiency can use a public cloud provider. These services are a god-send for small businesses.
  • Organisations that have doubts about the privacy of their data on a public cloud can choose to use a private cloud. They’ll know which server they are renting and where, and they can rely on the privacy of their cloud-hosted hardware.
  • If your business relies on infrastructure which you want to remain on premise, a hybrid solution will ensure your on-premise servers connect with your cloud service seamlessly.

5. It Saves you Money

Without the costs of data-centre hardware purchases, software licences and staff to do maintenance, cloud storage services are cheaper than on-premise servers.

Cloud server providers are experts in their field who have the specialised knowledge and economies of scale needed to give you a cheaper option.

6. It Makes your Technology Faster

The cloud isn’t just a different place to store your data in, it’s a tool that can be exploited to make the technology you use perform better and run faster.

For instance, our Azure Calculation Engine is a tool that moves Excel calculations to the cloud, allowing the program to process large amounts of data quicker and in the background.

7. More and More Services are Relying on it

According to a 2016 Microsoft-commissioned study, 98 percent of businesses are already using some cloud-hosted applications for some of their service needs. Cloud adoption not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ and ‘how much’.

It’s highly likely that your business is already using services that are run in the cloud. Just like those service providers, your business could be benefitting from the advantages of the cloud.

8. It’s Easier to Manage for Your IT Staff

If you choose to move your information to the cloud, you take the pressures of managing a data centre away from your business, and from your IT staff. Instead, the upkeep of your servers will be managed by your cloud service provider, by staff who specialise exclusively in data centre management. This frees up your IT staff’s time for innovation and business improvement.

9. It’s easy to Move to the Cloud

Some businesses remain reluctant to move to the cloud because they think the migration will be too costly, time-consuming and difficult. But, by choosing the right support, your move could be a smooth, painless experience.

10. It Keeps your Data more Secure

As specialists in data management, cloud service providers are a safe pair of hands for your critical information. Reputable cloud companies offer uptime SLAs and security expertise that most in-house IT teams would struggle to match. And the best validate their policies with external audits. For example, Microsoft Azure is compliant with a number of international regulations, including the ISO 27001 standard of information security. By working with cloud service providers who take security so seriously, businesses can ensure their data is safe.

While many businesses still have lingering doubts about the security of public cloud services, Gartner analysts point out that ‘only a small percentage of the security incidents impacting enterprises using the cloud have been due to vulnerabilities that were the provider’s fault.’

By using the support of third party cloud experts (such as RedPixie) to help them through their migration, businesses can move to the cloud and take full advantage of the security benefits, while still covering the security risks they might leave open on their end.

11. It’s the Safe Way to Back Up your Data

Cloud backup services are offsite - housing your data far from any disasters that might strike your office - and automated, ensuring your data is always backed-up. They mean you’re always ready with an instant recovery solution in any disaster without the cost of expensive stand-by systems.

12. It Provides Real Business Results

We’ve helped many businesses move to the cloud, and we’ve seen the results first hand. Clients benefit from all of the benefits above, and, most importantly, with seen how these businesses have used the cloud to drive growth.

Read our success stories to see for yourself what your business could be gaining from the cloud.

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