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Top Technology Trends for Enterprises to Embrace in 2017

Understand the biggest trends and opportunities.

Author: Dirk, MD  
Last updated: August 22, 2017

The incredible innovation surrounding technology trends has made it very easy to get lost in the business benefits around IT. As such, in this episode of PixieTV, Dirk will be detailing the various trends, changes and steps that enterprises are embracing in order to succeed.


Video Transcription

Welcome to the first episode of RedPixie’s video series, cleverly named – PixieTV.

In order to give some context to my thoughts on key technology trends, here’s a brief introduction to myself. I'm Dirk Anderson, Managing Director at RedPixie.

Like many in management, I’ve worked through various roles at RedPixie, from professional services, product through to CTO and now MD.

My role brings me close to all aspects of our business, including everything we do with our strategic clients.

This journey, in addition to previous projects, has formed the basis on these thoughts surrounding enterprise trends.

Top Technology Trends in 2017

When it comes to the forefront of enterprise IT, RedPixie has been speaking about cloud opportunities to large businesses for the last six or seven years.

As such, the topic of data has always formed part of larger businesses' strategies.

However, what I'm really seeing in 2016, 2017 and beyond is a hard focus on getting those strategies executed.

In fact, RedPixie hasn't got a single client today who's not got a progressive cloud strategy that they're executing right now.

What are the biggest challenges?

Surprisingly to many, technology is only 20-30% of the challenge.

The bigger challenge actually is around changing the organization. Changing the processes. Changing some of the long-standing policies that are there to mitigate certain types of risk.

While you do have to consider the risk landscape, it has to be done in a slightly different way. You have to think about an adjustment to your policies and process that mitigate new risks that may never have existed before.

An example of such would be the on-premises systems that are currently in use. Even though they may well be used to manage some of those cloud systems, how does that look in content of common ITSM tools. These include:

  • ServiceNow
  • BMC Patrol
  • FreshDesk
  • FreshService

Whatever the technologies, they have to be adjusted from a process standpoint to care for a whole new breed of services.

Furthermore, RedPixie is getting involved in broader conversations that are beyond technology. These have to be balanced with more granular practices like the foundations for a hybrid cloud environment.

These need to be:

  • Well-designed
  • Well-placed
  • Something that you can trust

How do larger businesses transform?

So how do larger businesses transform to a state where they're consuming both on-premises data centres and public cloud?

We've had really good success by making sure there is a clear understanding of the whole landscape first. This comes down to a combination of:

  • Technologies
  • Process
  • Policy
  • People

First steps: we generally start with a deep dive discovery.

This answers questions like: what does that really mean? What is just technology and landscape today?

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to really understand that whole system view, rather than just see it as a technology challenge.

Where to start?

Best to start by getting all the foundations laid out early in the cycle, start to get some workloads transition to cloud.

This will help to ensure the internal IT teams are collectively pulling those operational levers, and they understand how to drive cloud technologies. The aim is for them to ultimately become the biggest advocates.

Especially through making their lives easier when it comes to:

  • Standing up services
  • Decommission services
  • Maintaining those services.

So, through getting that team on board, in addition to the information security teams, you guarantee greater success.

This united vision is why we believe so strongly on spending a considerable amount of time getting that landscape laid out early in the cycle.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on how organisational and technology trends are impacting your industry. Stay tuned for more videos – if you feel really compelled, feel free to subscribe on YouTube.

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