Top 10 gadgets techies take on holiday

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Author: Mitchell Feldman, CDO  
Last updated: August 3, 2017

It’s that time of the year, you are heading on holiday, the problem is that while you wish you take all of your technology with you, it’s not exactly possible. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list of 10 gadgets that are a must on any trip (feel free to disagree below).

These gadgets cover a wide spectrum so whether you need to dial into an important, un-scheduled conference call to downloading the latest episode of Game of Thrones, you’ll be covered.

1. Miracast

This may not have been the first thing on your list, however it is definitely on ours. While it’s great to take a device with you abroad, you are frequently in the position of lacking screen real-estate. Whether it be an iPad or even a laptop, there is always a reason to see it bigger.

This device allows you to really easily beam your screen to a TV. Grab one here.

2. Extension Cable

One of the biggest issues with the abundance of tech is power. You are going to need charge, and you don’t want to have to bring 6 adaptors, and then have to search for wall sockets.

Solution: An extension cable, one adapter and you’re golden. Grab one with USBs.


3. Apple TV

I know what you’re thinking, why is this here. But the answer is simple - convenience.

Want to watch a film, TV programme? It is just super easy to use Apple TV, its small and great for on the go. Here’s the link to get one.

4. MiFi device

If you do choose to work while you are away, the last place you want to be is reliant on bad Wi-Fi. The type that takes 20 minutes to download a PowerPoint and what seems like a decade to receive your emails.

There’s a nice easy solution to that, a MiFi device, where you get all the internet you need. It also means that you are not searching for the local Starbucks.

There are quite a few variations, depending on which choice of network you wish to go down. Here’s a good one.

5. External battery pack

We cannot begin to explain how valuable this is. Especially if you are on your phone and tablet as much as us. You just keep finding that you need more battery.

External battery packs are great alternatives to continually plugging devices into a wall, especially if some of them can give you can extra weeks’ worth of phone charge.

This pack will should keep you going for a while, and will even charge selected notebooks! You can thank us later for not running to a wall-charger at 1%.

6. Bluetooth Jabra headset

Should you be called into a conference call while you’re away you want won’t to be battling to hear. With this very small and handy Jabra headset you can easily take a call and sound like you’re working from the office.

Here’s one of their many great headsets.

7. Beats wireless headset

So, these may not be of the most business relevance, but well, they are great headphones. There is nothing like enjoying some uninterrupted sounds to get you in your holiday mode.

While there are many great headphone providers, we are a big fan of these.

8. Microsoft band

The Microsoft band is a really great, lightweight option to carrying some very helpful healthcare tech. We know, there are many different wearable options, but if you are looking to link in with Microsoft suite, there is nothing better.

Grab one here.

9. Microsoft Surface Book

You can appreciate the need for a laptop to work while away. The Surface Book really is the ultimate device for this – it’s super mobile, touchscreen, converts to a tablet, and runs Windows 10 in its entirety.

There will always be those who stick with other brand like Apple, but for our money, this is the best laptop on the market. See the various set-ups here.

10. kindle

Don’t get us wrong, you can read on a Surface Book, but there is something wonderful about the non-glare, extreme battery life of the Kindle that is irresistible.

Read more about its capability.


There you go, that’s our top 10 gadgets that techies take on holiday, we hope that is was helpful. Let us know in the comments section what your top 10 is…

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