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How to move VDI to the cloud: Azure, benefits & process [RPTV002]

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Author: Neil, Practice Lead  
Last updated: August 8, 2017

There is real buzz in enterprise computing around moving VDI to the cloud. As such, in this episode of PixieTV, Neil will be detailing the various benefits, trends, and processes that our clients are experiencing when it comes to VDI & Citrix.


Video transcription

Welcome to the second episode of PixieTV: where we’ll be passing on our industry insights in bitesize videos.

This episode follows on from our previous conversation around key enterprise technology trends. This week our workspace practice lead, Neil Allgood, will be talking through the very on-topic – VDI in the cloud.

Fast growing: VDI to the cloud

One of the fastest growing areas in my workspace practice at the moment is VDI in Citrix.

This is really great for us because we've got extremely deep heritage and intimate experience of designing, building and managing VDI estates in Citrix.

This goes all the way back to WinFrame and MetaFrame days - all the way through to XenApp Desktop.

Benefits of moving VDI into Azure

One of the most frequent questions from our customers is:

"Why would they move their VDI estate into Azure?"

Well, above other benefits, it offers the potential to take advantage of the elasticity and all security benefits that Azure offers. In addition, it’s helpful that Microsoft bakes these in as standard to their service within Azure.

This not only offers customers a better user experience, but it also can be used as a catalyst for transformation.

Example: We see evidence where customers are seeing benefits from being able to free up valuable resources in their on-premises environment to do things like Windows desktop transformations to Windows 10.

The process

Even though PaaS might [and should] be the final destination for VDI, every customer has a different journey. Therefore, some may find it easier to look at IaaS solutions with Citrix, initially, and look at running proof of concept environments to test the waters.

In the long term, PaaS will make it easier to manage and allow you to focus on business outcomes rather than the underlying plumbing of your infrastructure.

More from Neil: What gets me up in the morning?

I see myself as a change expert, an enabler.

I get a real kick out of helping our customers improve their user experience and enable them to accelerate their businesses through my vision.

And when that's based on the teamwork of the workspace practice, there's a lot of satisfaction in that as well. 

It would be great to hear your thoughts on moving VDI to the cloud, and its role in your organisation. Stay tuned for more videos – if you feel really compelled, feel free to subscribe on YouTube.

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