Windows 10 Security Features: Event Summary

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Author: Mitchell Feldman, CDO  
Last updated: August 3, 2017


At our ‘Discover the art of the possible’ event, Mitchell Feldman, RedPixie’s CEO, and Adam Khan, Microsoft’s Product & Marketing Manager, explained why Windows 10, is the must have operating system [OS] for any aspiring organisation.

This belief was explained using the recent move by the Department of Defence [DOD] to embrace Windows 10, owing to its immense security advances.

The event closed with a demonstration of the new Surface Hub from Craig Bentley of the Viju Group, which was especially exciting since the Surface Hub is not on the market until September this year.

"Windows 10 is a game changer, it introduces 'the art of the possible.'" [TWEET]

Security and Productivity features of Windows 10

Adam Khan introduced the Security aspects of Windows 10 by highlighting the number of major organisations which have been easily hacked. A clip of people accidentally giving away their passwords to strangers revealed how easy it is for human error to play into security breaches.

Whilst there were many laughs from the audience at the naivety of these people, it was clearly a talking point that any member of your organisation can be a liability when it comes to security.

According to data from the UK government, 90% of organisations have had data breaches, and 75% of these were due to employee fault.


Data breaches of major organisations such as the US military (which led to information about 76 million US veterans being leaked) are statistics which remain unsurprising to the audience considering the widespread media coverage about similar data breaches, particularly the recent Panama leaks.

The US Department of Defence is one of the two most attacked organisations in the world, the other being Microsoft. Recently, the US DoD decided to move millions of devices to Windows 10.

Amongst others, the DoD’s reasons for upgrading to Windows 10 were:

  • To improve Cybersecurity
  • To reduce costs of IT
  • To streamline IT operations 
Windows 10: With security at is heart

As Adam explained, Windows 10 was developed with end-to-end security in mind; understanding of cybersecurity has improved drastically in the last few years. Its three main aims are

  1. Protecting against threats
  2. Protecting devices
  3. Post-breach analysis.

“Windows 10 allows companies to feel more in control, in terms of safety and understanding where the exposure has occurred.”

Adam then examined how Windows 10 differs from Windows 7 (which is the version most of the attendees’ organisations are running on).


Why companies should use Windows 10

Data security is one of the major concerns of business leaders nowadays, but businesses cannot act like an ‘Orwellian organisation’, they should try swapping bureaucracy for trust in their employees.

Windows 10 enables organisations to control their data. [TWEET]

Mitchell presents the common scenario of an employee seeking to access data from remote data centres like Dropbox. Once this happens, the organisation is no longer a guardian of their own data. Encrypting data empowers users to access information, but the organisation remains in control of the sovereignty of that data.

It is important that users feel their IT experience in the office is on a par with, if not superior, to their experience at home. Windows 10 is about businesses adopting the modern tools, which their employees expect them to have.

Windows 10 has proved itself a useful and effective enabler of security and when combined with tools like Office 365, there is a winning formula for productivity within an organisation.

The upgrade process to Windows 10

It is more than just clicking a button, and it is important to understandhow businesses should approach the upgrade process.

Look at what your migration path will look like. Work your technology requirements around your people.

Understand how the adoption of Windows 10 changes businesses, not just their customers. Every single customer has enjoyed this change in experience.

Use media to promote the upgrade: the more you can get your employees to buy into the upgrade, the more they will consume, the more you will accelerate.

Windows 10 will automatically accelerate your business’ productivity.


Finally, Craig began the demonstration of the Surface Hub, which Mitchell described as a “Windows 10 machine on steroids”. In fact, it provides the same experience which users have on their desktop, making it an incredibly user-friendly tool. The ability to write on it is nothing like an interactive whiteboard: there is no lag, it’s extremely sensitive, and multiple people can write on it at the same time. 3,000 Surface Hubs have already been pre-ordered in the UK, so it’s clear that businesses are taking an interest in this productivity tool.


It is clear that security is now one of the main concerns for enterprises, which is what is leading them to consider upgrading to Windows 10. Fortunately, Windows 10 also provides some of the best productivity tools for businesses.

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