Work from home, with Finance in the Cloud

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Author: Talia, Finance  
Last updated: August 3, 2017

I am not a technical person at all, I’m an Accountant and like numbers! So you could say I am more comfortable with spreadsheets than technology. However, being at RedPixie, I also get the opportunity to work from home.

Like many people, I rely on the Cloud to help me be as productive at home as I would be in the office. It doesn’t matter that I am not tech-savvy, because cloud technology is so easy to use there is no difference between working from home or being in the office (apart from chatting next to the coffee machine!).

Here are three ways I use the Cloud to work from home:

1. Document access

With great tools like SharePoint and Office 365 everyone in my team has access to our dedicated SharePoint folders. This means that no matter where I am, we can collaborate on our documents.

Being in Finance, we often use complicated Excel files, so it is important for me to know that I am working off the latest version. That’s why version history is so valuable, and avoids searching through emails for ‘that attachment’.

P.S. if you are finding your Excel files to big too manage, see our 10 geeky power user tools and tips.


2. Communicating with the team

Alongside email, Skype for Business is my main method of communicating when I am working from home.  The instant messaging feature is such a quick and easy way to ping a simple question to a colleague and if I need to have a conversation, I just click the phone icon.

From our customer’s perspective, they can have the same experience when they call me as if I were in the office, and technology can become an enhancer rather than a problem.

3. Cloud Accounting Services

As a growing business we have to make sure we have instantaneous access to all our finance and accounting information and tools, from anywhere.  That’s why we use cloud based accounting packages and online banking services.  These tools mean that all I need is a browser and a secure connection to do my job from home.

From more popularised tools like Xero, to the most advanced accounting platforms, you can see how there is a large shift towards moving capabilities to the cloud. This works with the growing importance of a mobile workforce, and enables organisations to focus on progress rather than IT issues.


So, you can see I am well set up to work from home and this just goes to show that if you use the right cloud tools and services, it doesn’t really matter where your physical location is, or how tech-savvy you are!

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