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Why Application Architecture?

Modern applications make the most of everything the cloud has to offer. They provide the drive for stateless components, where business logic and data are housed in appropriate locations and application services are scaled at will.


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Our Cloud Application Offering

We work with you to realise the benefits of modern cloud application architectures. Our services include:

  • Application architecture reviews
  • Application architecture modernisation plans
  • Application migration planning and execution



The RedPixie team showed a deep knowledge of both cloud providers technologies and just good to work with.
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Our Cloud Application Offering

Our cloud application team works with you to design and build cloud native application architectures.

Our goal is to use cloud PaaS capabilities wherever possible to simplify and standardise application architecture design.


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Managed Solution

After successfully modernising and building cloud application stacks, we document any necessary support needs and processes for these applications and provide around the clock support through our managed service team.


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Recent Work

Leading Real-Estate Manager

We were set the goal of transitioning a complex modelling application from grid computing to a PaaS platform in the Azure cloud. To achieve this, we designed a modern cloud application architecture featuring stateless, resilient and highly-available application tiers.

We remediated several aspects of the application to eradicate legacy .NET run times and to remove VBA from Excel models. A combination of Azure web jobs, message queue infrastructure, and service fabric cluster components has delivered a cost efficient, stable platform that is easily scaled and carries very little management overhead.


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Recent Work

Discretionary Investment Management Client Portal

We've helped a leading investment company deliver a cloud-based portal to improve access to portfolio valuation documents.

In our engagement, we’ve considered both technical and business aspects including:

  • A high-level production architecture for the client portal, taking into account the potential for scale, volume of unique users, and the broad range of components available within Azure.
  • The short, medium and long term technical considerations for a service that could grow to more than 6000 users (focusing on scale and infrastructure support).
dirk speaking to clients about application architecture
Recent Work

Leading UK Re-Insurer - Catastrophe Management

When we began work with this customer, they were operating a bespoke grid platform for modelling catastrophe scenarios. The grid ran CatMan scenarios sequentially in batch at low speeds, meaning high priority CatMan jobs were queued behind low priority jobs.

We reverse engineered the application stack, decoupling it and transitioning the platform into the Azure cloud. The new system delivers effective parallel processing and scaling, as well as pushing jobs to different process queues based on business priority.


Discover More

Here are some helpful guides that can progress your Hybrid Cloud journey:


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