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Cloud Resilience

Global insurer leverage’s cloud

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Examining Cloud Resilience

Leading global insurer leverage’s RedPixie’s Cloud experience to prove its resilience for a key “line of business” application.

By Infrastructure Architect, Global Insurance Firm

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The Challenge

A global insurance firm were looking to provide increased resiliency for a number of Line of Business (LoB) applications through the use of cloud services. In order to gain business support, a successful proof of concept was required demonstrating the Cloud’s suitability for this use case.

To that end, RedPixie were sponsored to provide support to our customer’s team with a target of hosting an internal LoB application in both Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS using Platform As A Service (PaaS) where possible, with the aim of proving that the vendors Cloud technologies could match or outperform the existing on premise solution.

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The RedPixie team showed a deep knowledge of both cloud providers technologies, were super-flexible throughout and just good to work with.
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The Solution

RedPixie integrated with the customer’s internal team and were able to migrate the target application to the Cloud using their respective PaaS offerings.

Throughout the POC each providers services offered different challenges and RedPixie directed the team on a number of ideas that enabled the application to function in the Cloud.

This involved utilising skills sets from both Development & Infrastructure to match RedPixie’s own Cloud experience. Throughout the project RedPixie transferred their knowledge to the customer enabling them to continue after the PoC was complete.

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Our Method

In a short timeframe RedPixie gained knowledge of the internal application and ran a number of interactive whiteboard sessions along with demonstrations highlighting key features, concepts and differences between the Cloud solutions and On-Premise solutions.

RedPixie aided the customer’s internal team with the technical migration and selection of appropriate Cloud technologies to match their applications requirements.

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The Experience

Using evidence and experience gathered by the team during the project, the customer has developed a clear understanding of both providers; their strengths and their weaknesses.

Using this knowledge in co-ordination with a clear understanding of their application profile, the customer has been able to make a recommendation to their executive team, on which provider to partner with in order to deliver the Clouds proven benefits across a number of their applications.

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