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RedPixie goes beyond technology to ensure a smooth and painless data platform transition.

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What Does Our Data Platform Proposition Offer?

Our data platform team specialise in assessing heritage SQL estates and cloud data platforms, and transitioning them to the Azure cloud.

We focus on consolidation and license/cost reduction, transferring support processes to our Azure managed solutions team.


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SQL Probe Service

We start by running our SQL probe against your existing SQL estate, collating all metadata in a single database to analyse cost saving and consolidation opportunities.


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RedPixie's Offering

Data Platform Design

Next, we ensure that the target platform is the right fit for your business whether that’s RDBMS or NoSQL solutions.

We also look at your integration, ETL, security, analytics and reporting needs to ensure we choose the appropriate technology fit.

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RedPixie's Offering

Service Transition

Finally, we plan a smooth transition from on-premise to cloud and provide appropriate governance, control and risk management throughout the migration.

The RedPixie team showed a deep knowledge of both cloud providers technologies, super-flexible throughout & good to work with.
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Our Approach to Data Platform

We are experts in Azure data platforms and have a wealth of experience with traditional on-premise database systems and platforms. We combine systematic analysis of your SQL data estate and processes with facilitated workshops to understand your future needs and current challenges.

After collecting and consolidating data we help you plan and execute your system migration. Once migrated, our expert Azure Managed Solutions team will handle critical data platforms and monitor your systems 24x7.


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Managed Solution

Our dedicated managed solutions team will take care of all your data platforms.

This includes backups, restores, access management, system updates, security governance, systems monitoring, and management of batch processes and integrated eco-system components.


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Recent Work

Global Digital & Media Firm - SQL Assessment

Our Data Services team completed a comprehensive SQL Assessment for this customer.

This included a scoping workshop & review of historical SQL estate performance data.

During this process, we systematically collected data from a huge SQL estate and made an assessment of the opportunity to consolidate and simplify. Together, we are assisting their transition to a modern cloud-based data platform.


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Here are some helpful guides that can progress your Hybrid Cloud journey:


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