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Award-winning data science solutions from the RedPixie team

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What Does Data Science Offer?

We are an award-winning data science team providing transformative business insights and results using Azure cloud technologies.

Our focus is machine learning, High Performance Computing, Internet of Things, scalable cloud infrastructure and large scale data platforms.

With a mix of science academics and technologists, we’re building solutions in the financial services and insurance sectors that change the way companies view key business processes.


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RedPixie's Offering

Modelling & Risk

We work alongside your actuarial, capital modelling, risk modelling, and catastrophe management teams to build faster, scalable cloud solutions using distributed and parallel processing to prioritise critical scenario processes.

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Internet of Things

Billions of internet-connected devices are set to change the way we use data both in business and our daily lives. We carry out R&D that keeps us at the forefront of this movement, focusing on how we can manage and deliver insight from the vast amount of data in the cloud. Our work connects us to various sectors - including health, insurance and automotive companies.


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Our Approach to Data Science Solutions

We work with you to understand your desired business outcomes, designing and building solutions that meet all these goals. We go one step further, showing you the “art of the possible” and everything the Azure cloud has to offer. Here are a few examples:

  • Ingesting & streaming data with Azure Data factory, HDInsight Sqoop, Event hubs, IoT hubs, and HDInsight Kafka.
  • Storing & processing with Blobs, HDFS, Data Lake store, stream analytics, HDInsight storm & spark, and web jobs.
  • Machine intelligence with machine learning and cognitive services.


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Managed Services

Focus on your core business while our Managed Solutions team provide 24x7x365 support.

We’ll manage and service any solution built and deployed by the RedPixie Cloud Transformation, Data Science and Data Platform teams. Alternatively, we can assess your existing Azure cloud data systems and provide a managed service once we understand your landscape and business needs.

Our managed solutions include:

  • Enterprise grade IT systems management process
  • Service automation
  • A 24/7 service team to monitor, support and manage IaaS VMs, PaaS workloads, applications, databases and other resources deployed on Azure.

Recent Work

Project WellWatch

We built an end-to-end wearables solution for a leading UK health care provider, enabling them to proactively monitor and manage the health of their patients. 

We’re building a “population scale” Azure cloud solution to retrieve, process and analyse that data to predict health conditions.


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Recent Work

IBM Algorithmic One Transition

We transitioned this complex IBM software stack from an IBM data centre platform into Microsoft Azure after successfully demonstrating its superior performance.

The business can now model risk and solvency quicker and run more simultaneous scenarios than ever before.  

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Recent Work

Azure Calculation Engine

Run complex Excel models at scale, natively in Microsoft Azure. Azure Calculation Engine (ACE) reduces risks that occur when running business critical processes on client-side technologies.  ACE supports huge parallel scale-out, allowing modellers and Excel developers to embrace mature release processes.


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Recent Work

Car Telematics Science Models

We demonstrated how car fleet managers can reduce their workload by more than 70% using machine learning to filter out car sensor “noise” such as speed bumps, pot holes, and erratic driving. 


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