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Bespoke hybrid cloud solutions managed, designed and built by the RedPixie team

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Azure Hybrid Cloud Offering

We offer a fully managed and integrated Azure hybrid cloud solution with a service wrapper around on-premises and cloud data centres. Integration extends across several layers:

  • Networking – secure and seamless connection between your data centres and Azure cloud data centres
  • Identity – one integrated identity for on and off premise systems using Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Platforms - Azure public cloud, Azure stack, VMWare, and HyperV integration
  • Storage – backups, archives, and recovery sites
  • Disaster recovery – fully automated Azure cloud data centres


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Our Approach to Hybrid Cloud Solutions

  • Discovery: A full assessment of your current data centres, systems, and applications and their suitability for hybrid cloud.
  • Design: Next generation data centre designs for customers that want the best of both private and public cloud platforms.
  • Build: Automated hybrid cloud solutions
  • Transition: The secure transfer of your workloads, servers, and applications into cloud platforms
  • Manage: Fully managed cloud solutions that let you get on with your core business.


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Managed Solution

We’ll manage any solution engineered, built and deployed by RedPixie. Alternatively, we can assess your existing Azure Cloud systems and provide a managed service once we understand your landscape and business needs.

Our managed solutions include:

  • Enterprise grade IT systems management process
  • Service automation
  • A 24/7 service team to monitor, support and manage resources deployed on Azure.

RedPixie demonstrated to us the immense power of re-platforming a line of business application into Azure.
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Recent Work

Transition Services

Our hybrid cloud engagements start with the design and build of foundational hybrid infrastructure components (networking, Security, IP, DNS, Identity, Systems Management and operational processes). We run this work in parallel with PoC projects that help you get used to operating hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Following a detailed assessment, we plan and execute the transition of applications, workloads, and services from traditional data centre stacks (e.g. Hypervisors/IaaS) to modern hybrid cloud infrastructures.


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Recent Work

Leading Investment Manager

We worked with a leading financial organisation to strategise their move to public cloud services, delivering an appropriate set of IT services and applications.

A key step in this strategy was to engineer the foundational elements that ‘stretch’ their data centre capability beyond on-premises and into Microsoft Azure in a robust and secure way.

We completed a detailed discovery and analysis of their current infrastructure to outline a course of action. Then, we completed a Low Level Design and build of their hybrid cloud architecture.


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Recent Work

Wholesale Energy Trading

We completed an in-depth cloud assessment of this utilities provider's platforms. The company is looking to capitalise on the benefits of hybrid cloud and develop a long-term infrastructure strategy and architecture.

As part of their due diligence process, we evaluated various cloud models and cloud services to support the future innovation and growth of the business.

These were the high-level business drivers:

  • Superior business agility
  • Greater commercial flexibility (CAPEX / OPEX)
  • Leverage an existing investment in Microsoft technology stack
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Recent Work

Active Directory Health Check

We’re working with a leading investment manager as part of an ongoing Global Transformation project. This comprehensive program of work is delivering global standards built around an agile methodology.

The seamless delivery of IT services via on-premises, co-location or public cloud is key to the success of this project. We found that a well-structured and efficient Active Directory and Identity platform is a critical foundational element in a hybrid data centre design.

With this in mind, we delivered a fresh perspective regarding our customer's current Active Directory environment and highlighted potential challenges that may impact the wider modernisation program.

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Recent Work

Active Directory Development

In phase 2 of our engagement with the leading investment manager, we’re designing and supporting the development of a new ‘Greenfield’ Active Directory platform.

Key project drivers include:

  • Simplification of their Active Directory:
  • A platform to support PAM solution
  • Active Directory Automation
  • Enhanced Active Directory monitoring and auditing
  • Application Authentication for all major systems
  • Uplift of domain functional level
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Recent Work

Azure Production

Phase 3 involves the production deployment of a new Data Warehouse platform into Microsoft Azure. From a resourcing and technology perspective, the customer wants us to deliver a range of services including:

  • A requirements gathering
  • A Low Level Design (LLD)
  • A High Level Design (HLD)
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Recent Work

Leading UK Insurer

We completed a redesign and transition of a complex Algorithmic One grid platform to Azure. We considered and refactored all layers of the application stack including:

  • Cloud Storage (High performance and archive)
  • Scale-out solutions
  • Redhat Linux automated provisioning/builds
  • Puppet integration
  • Data solution
  • Systems management and monitoring at all layers
  • Infrastructure as Code (entire DR environment builds in under 30 mins)

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Here are some helpful guides that can progress your Hybrid Cloud journey:


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