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Hybrid Cloud Solution

Deploying a public cloud strategy

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Deploying Hybrid Cloud

One of RedPixie’s financial customers exhausted their data centre capacity and decided to upgrade to public cloud services to address the issue. In doing so, they not only overcame the capacity challenge, but reaped the business benefits of using integrated cloud features.

By Infrastructure Programme Manager Leading Fund Manager

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The Challenge

A large financial institution had already considered their preferred strategic cloud providers and had begun to migrate non-production workloads to their chosen cloud vendor.

They also had new client-facing applications that needed a stable and reliable platform, but without the CapEx budget required to implement the necessary infrastructure platform layers. Data centre space was running out and their internet infrastructure was near capacity. The client did not want to invest in new data centres or spend time and money upgrading existing internet bandwidth. RedPixie was brought on-board to implement a production environment within the chosen cloud provider.

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They responded positively and built our new cloud architecture ready for production applications.
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The Solution

After a phase of detailed analysis, RedPixie re-engineered the local area network to extend the network into the public cloud securely. In extending the network to the cloud we also had to redesign and create multiple secure network zones that could be used for different categories of IT services such as production, development and public facing services.

New operational run books were created to ensure staff were fully prepared to operate a new hybrid infrastructure that delivered IT services from both the customer’s data centre and the public cloud. As well as the run book changes, many of the operational tools had to be re-configured to extend their reach to cloud-based platforms and infrastructure.

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Our Method

The future benefits to the business are extensive. This work has prevented the need to provision expensive data centre facilities and has also extended the life and the investment in existing data centres. IT is now more responsive to the business in provisioning new services and capabilities.

The client is quickly recognising the benefits this new architecture can provide and is already considering a multi-vendor cloud strategy that further extends the capabilities of the business, while avoiding any “lock-in” risk associated with their current preferred vendor.

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The Experience

The customer chose RedPixie as their partner to assist with the selection of cloud providers and to ensure that the cloud could consume their services in a practical and secure way.

The customer was also keen to ensure that their on-premise data centre and the cloud data centre could work together seamlessly and that operations teams could operate efficiently in both.

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