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Azure PaaS

PaaS can accelerate your performance

Ready-made platform to run your application

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RedPixie's Azure PaaS

For companies thinking of moving applications and services to the cloud, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) gives you a ready-made platform to run your application. RedPixie can help you move your applications to Microsoft Azure using PaaS.

You get control over the application but you don’t have to worry about the underlying host and operating system.

PaaS is a middle ground between Software-as-a-Service, where you just use the software, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service where you get a virtual computer running in the cloud but you have to install, manage and update the operating system and the application software.

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Our PaaS Solution

RedPixie can help you take advantage of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Azure PaaS. In particular, we can:

  • Assess the readiness of your applications for PaaS migration
  • Help you understand the trade-offs between PaaS and IaaS
  • Advise on the costs of running the app in Azure and the likely savings and ROI
  • Detailed technical design and business architecture
  • Refactor your apps to take advantage of Azure PaaS, adding resilience and scalability

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They responded positively and built our new cloud architecture ready for production applications.
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Azure PaaS Use Cases

Quick to install, simple to use and enterprise grade ready from £1 per user per month. Typical use cases for PaaS include:

  • Get SQL Server as a service without having to install the whole SQL stack yourself
  • Website content management systems like IIS or WordPress
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Azure PaaS Benefits

  • Deploy applications quickly with ready-made, reference platforms
  • Avoid upfront capital expenditure and pay for what you need as you use it
  • High levels of guaranteed availability
  • Meet high levels of security and compliance, including PCI-DSS and EU Model Clauses

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