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Our areas of expertise and experience

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Hybrid Cloud

We offer a fully managed and integrated Azure hybrid cloud solution with a service wrapper around on-premises and cloud data centres. Integration extends across several layers.


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Data Platform

Our data platform team specialise in assessing heritage SQL estates and cloud data platforms, and transitioning them to the Azure cloud.


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Data Science

We are an award-winning data science team providing transformative business insights and results using Azure Cloud technologies.

Our focus is machine learning, scalable cloud infrastructure and large scale data platforms.


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Cloud Workspace

We build fully managed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions either on-premises or in Azure using the latest Microsoft and Citrix technologies.


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Cloud Application Architecture

Modern applications make the most of everything the cloud has to offer. They provide the drive for stateless components, where business logic and data are housed in appropriate locations.


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Azure Citrix VDI

At RedPixie, we integrate Citrix solutions with the Microsoft Azure cloud for enterprise-grade application delivery, seamless remote access, and a securer, more productive workspace environment.


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Azure IoT Solutions

The Azure IoT suite delivers built-in security and flexibility across on-premises and cloud data centres, making it easier to manage and configure your entire network. We use infrastructure-as-code for greater agility, stability and improved business continuity.


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We have improved the performance of our line of business application by 10x and grown our modelling capability.
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Discover More

Here are some helpful guides that can progress your Hybrid Cloud journey:


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