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Modernise your Data Platform

RedPixie’s SQL JumpStart is a targeted consultancy engagement designed to ensure that your current SQL environment is optimised (from a licencing and resourcing perspective) and provide an assessment of Azure SQL against your estate.

Delivering insight regarding your current SQL environment, RedPixie’s engagement team will work with your stakeholders to support and build a data-driven strategy to modernise, optimise and consolidate your investment.

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An Appropriate Solution

RedPixie’s SQL JumpStart is an excellent opportunity to develop or review your data platform roadmap, highlight key dependencies, consider mitigation strategies and complete Cloud compatibility “gap analysis”.

Typical topics covered during this engagement are:

  • Assessment of SQL Enterprise usage
  • Review of Data Platform (compute, storage, licensing)
  • Azure SQL (PaaS) compatibility
  • New data analytics services


RedPixie spent a large amount of time understanding our current infrastructure and business model which allowed them to provide a fit-for-purpose recommendation.
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Engagement Summary

Phase 1 – Scoping: Review of target SQL environment and operations, including: Facilitated workshops/Interviews & Assessments; Review of historical performance data.

Phase 2 – Pre-Deployment Testing: Pre-deployment customisation and testing based on target SQL environment (SQL versions and editions).

Phase 3 – Deployment, Data Capture & Analysis: Deployment of SQL Probe and SQL Upgrade Advisor tools set, collect & analyse data.

Phase 4 – Documentation: Documentation of findings and recommendations.

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Jumpstart your SQL PaaS

Check out this guide to understand the various benefits that SQL PaaS affords your business.

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